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Life affirming

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This is a nice story which is ripping up the internet today.
Just watch the video. (Since embedding is disabled, you will need to click again on the video to go to the YouTube site to view it.)

There, don’t you feel better now?


The Daily Record (Scottish newspaper) has unearthed an early recording from Susan Boyle. On this YouTube clip she gives her version of the bluesy classic Cry Me A River. Again, embedding has been disabled so double click to view on the YouTube site.


Don’t eat my brains

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There is a new game coming out soon from PopCap games, makers of such addictive timewasters as Bejeweled and Peggle. It’s called Plants Vs Zombies, and as far as I can make out is a game of the Tower Defence genre. It has been reviewed in this month’s Edge and received a rollocking NINE!! From Edge!

Plants Vs Zombies proves again PopCap’s incredible knack of taking an established genre and making it all its own.”

Sign up at the website for preview downloads and a discount on the final game. Mac users out of luck I’m afraid.

Meanwhile here’s the promo music video. Yes, music video. Sheesh!

Later…With Jools Holland is back!

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later-joolsThere is a new series of Later… With Jools Holland starting this week on BBC 2 in the UK. As before there is a short 30min live show on Tuesday evenings, and an expanded show on Friday evenings. This week features Franz Ferdinand, Carole King, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Specials and others.

I will try and post a Spotify playlist with as close a tracklisting as can be done within Spotify’s catalogue each week. (Sometimes I will substitute other representative songs from an artist’s repertoire.


Series 34, Week 1
Series 34, Week 2
Series 34, Week 3
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