Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars micro-review (minor spoilers)

waters of marsI just finished watching the latest Doctor Who special and the last before the two part Christmas finale which marks the end of the Tennant reign. I loved the trailers for this special and have looked forward to it eagerly. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed. It was not bad, just not nearly as good as the trailer hype.



  • The Mars biodome – shades of Silent Running. Could have been a great atmospheric setting for many scenes. Instead criminally underused.
  • Ensemble cast of trapped workers in an alien environment with some monster(s) on the loose. Always a good potential – see “Alien” and many others.
  • The exploration of the idea the the Doctor was getting fed up being a slave to cosmic events, and wanted to take more control
  • The actual infected people. Great make up.
  • Adelaide’s ultimate act
  • The trailer for the Christmas special


Didn’t like:

  • The underuse of the outside/biodome setting.
  • The shallowness of the characters. We never really got to know any of the supporting characters. Even with Adelaide I didn’t feel I really connected with her. There was a hint of tension between her and the 2nd in command Ed but this was never expanded upon.
  • The stupid robot (reminded me of the dumb robot guards in the Phantom Menace)
  • The over the top uptempo music for the running scenes.
  • David Tennant’s portrayal of the change in character of the Doctor seemed forced and black and white with little subtlety.
  • The use of the newspaper/website reports to “fill in” the backstory of the characters seemed a lazy way to do it.
  • It wasn’t nearly as frightening as it could have been. Previous episode “Blink” was much more frightening.
  • The explanation of why the water was infected was lame and confused.

Overall I think I can only give it 6, maybe 7 at a stretch. I was hoping it was going to be a 8 or a 9 out of 10.


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