Why the Wii is so successful

I had an interesting insight into the Wii from a non-gamers perspective. I now understand how Nintendo has made such a killing over the past few years with it’s white wonder.

I recently went round to a colleague’s house for a small gathering and after eating we were relaxing and chatting and suddenly our host asked if any of us had a Wii. I hadn’t noticed she had one nestling beside the TV and then I also noticed the big white thing half hidden under some floor cushions was the Wii balance board!

Turns out my non-gamer colleague had Wii Fit Plus – and apart from the obligatory (and packaged in with console) Wii Sports, this was the only game she had. And she loved it and used it most days. But she doesn’t have any other “traditional” games, and probably never will. And the console wasn’t even connected to the internet.

This is why the Wii has been so successful. I truly hadn’t appreciated that consoles could exist like this….

BTW I was rubbish at the Hula Hoop game.


2 Responses to “Why the Wii is so successful”

  1. Does your friend look like this? Just ‘peppy’? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQPd6ojZgI8

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