Idiot BBC & their overlayed trailers

I just watched the latest episode of Doctor Who “Time of Angels”, with the return of both an old foe and a previous acquaintance for the Doctor. However, this post is not about that episode (which was great by the way). This is about the BBC’s idiotic decision to ruin the climax of the episode.

(minor spoilers in embedded clip)

The finale scene was racking up the tension and building to it’s climax. Just at the exact moment when we the viewers were supposed to be the most engaged with the plight of the Doctor and his friends in their moment peril, and actually as the Doctor was uttering his monologue to his enemy, a huge brash, animated, multicoloured cartoon graphic flashed up over the lower one-third of the screen. This was trailing the next programme Over The Rainbow.

It ruined the moment for me, and was incredibly annoying. The worst thing was if the BBC had just waited 1 more minute until the episode had actually ended and the credits were runnning it would have been fine. I actually hate the increasingly prevalent practice of squeezing the credit sequence to half a screen width, so it is invisible to mortal eyes, or running it at hyper speed (since I think programme makers deserve their credit to be visible on the screen) but even this would have been preferable to tonight’s debacle.

If you were similarly irritated, I would suggest you do as I did and let the BBC know at


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