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IAEA Briefing 22nd March 2011

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Latest from IAEA on situation at Fukushima (21st March 2011)

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Trying to get the truth about the “nuclear meltdown” at Fukushima

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Of course the situation in general in the wake of the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami the situation is horrific, but the ensuing problems at the nuclear plants seems to be a nightmare waiting to happen. But the reports in the media are often vague confusing contradictory and sometimes downright scaremongering.

I’ve seen a couple of decent blogposts and articles which to me seem to give a more realistic and balanced assessment. Of course there are a few caveats and if you read through the comments in the articles as well you will see some of them raised. Make up your own mind.

(I’ll update as I see more relevant info, please add any more tips in comments)

Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactor – Morgsatlarge

(updated post, edited by MIT Dept of Nuclear Science & Engineering)

Explosion at Japan nuclear plant – Richard Black on BBC News Online website

Media suffers a Fukushima meltdown – PR perspective from Paul Seaman’s online blog

Japan’s nuclear reactor overreaction – Post by Phil Plait on his Bad Astronomy blog

Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant – Article from Scientific American magazine (online)

Channel 4 News post after the 2nd reactor building explosion – by Tom Clarke (@TomClarke10 on Twitter)

Fukushima Crisis: Radiation exposure, beyond the numbers – blog on

Workers strain to retake control after blast and fire at Japan plant – post from

BBC Material World podcast (MP3 link for episode 17th March 2011) – Quentin Cooper discusses the current situation and tries to dispel some of the wilder misconceptions.

Fukushima one week on: Situation ‘stable’, says IAEA – Article from The Register 18th March 2011.

“Shameful media panic very slowly begins to subside”. By Lewis Page

We should stop running away from radiation (BBC News Viewpoint article by Wade Allison from University of Oxford)