Using the Eurosport Player


Here are some brief experiences using the Eurosport Player service, which I am trying so I can follow the Giro d’Italia bike race.

  • I am using a Windows 7 laptop and Chrome browser, and using the service from UK
  • i have a fairly decent broadband connection (about 20Mbps)
  • You can subscribe to the service either on a month by month (cancel anytime) for £4.99, or a yearly subscription (£2.99)
  • There is a separate Android (and iOS) service, I believe it is a separate subscription
  • The Android app gets the worst ever reviews on the Google Play store. In fact, now I can’t even download that app even if I wanted too, as it has mysteriously become “unavailable” for my devices, or my location. (It wasn’t like that a few days ago)
  • The streaming quality is not bad, about standard def, but definitely not HD. I had a pretty constant connection while watching for a couple of hours. Only the very occasion short pause or buffering.
  • It looked reasonably good when fed into a 40″ LCD TV using standard VGA cables.
  • The video quality is better than those types of streams or videos you see on youtube or other “unofficial” sources.
  • There does NOT appear to be any “catch-up” or on-demand facility to watch videos for Giro after they have been broadcast.
  • Eurosport are showing all the stages of the Giro live on one of their two channels, and there is a highlights show about 10:30pm each evening which lasts about 60-90 minutes.
  • Since the Giro occurs during the day, I can’t watch the live broadcasts except weekends, although there is a lot of good action on the weekends including the main time trial and the climax in a couple of weekends from now. So will be reliant on the highlights shows (and their timing since no catchup) during weekdays.
  • the support from Eurosport regarding this service is pretty poor. Their twitter account hasn’t been active since about 2 years ago. The comments on the Google Play store about the Android app suggest attempts to contact Eurosport for service issues fall on deaf ears.

One Response to “Using the Eurosport Player”

  1. I took out the £4.99 subscription just to watch the Giro. Never used it before. I agree with a lot of your points…the player itself and the stream quality is very good on my Windows 8 laptop also to TV.

    But the programming is poor. You can watch the last 3 hours of the live stream at any time, but no further back than that. And the highlights show is not on every evening, also not available on demand (which may or may not be related to highlights also being shown on Sky). I just assumed the highlights show would be available on demand before I signed up, maybe my fault for not checking.

    For example I get home today after six, put kids to bed. Load up the player circa half seven, rewind 3 hours hoping to catch the mountain finish. But I missed my chance and only got see Vincenzo Nibali spray some champagne and an interview with Cadel Evans. Then it turns out the highlights show is not on tonight. It’s on twice tomorrow morning. Guess what I’ll be at work.

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